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Featuring specially commissioned artworks, a podcast series, and a selection of timely essays, Sreda online magazine offers a nuanced view on culture and contemporaneity. Content is available for a limited period of time and updated every other Wednesday. The Russian word ‘sreda’ means both Wednesday and the natural, geographical, and social environment.

Maria Aligozhina
Ritual, 2022

Animated music clip, 3.36 min.

This issue of V–A–C Sreda online magazine publishes a work by the interdisciplinary artist Maria Aligozhina.

The musical clip Ritual, based on a composition by DK im. Kupera, is an experimental animated work that brings together six animation techniques: collage, plasticine, subject, rotoscope, stop-motion, and soil animation. Aligozhina creates a world and heroes, imagines their plasticity and physics, makes the non-living live. The format of the video can be seen as a game in terms of its precise choreography and direction of viewer experience within a single track.

“Where, where, where will this game take me? Perhaps I should stop, breathe, get out of it? Or breathe and dive in again?”

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