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Featuring specially commissioned artworks, a podcast series, and a selection of timely essays, Sreda online magazine offers a nuanced view on culture and contemporaneity. Content is available for a limited period of time and updated every other Wednesday. The Russian word ‘sreda’ means both Wednesday and the natural, geographical, and social environment.

Yuri Frolov
Bureau of fauxstalgia

Music video work, 11 minutes 29 seconds

V–A–C Sreda online magazine completes its three-month programme devoted to space and its reflection in the culture, art, and utopian dreams of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In this issue, we publish the work of Yuri Frolov, a composer and theauthor of the Kenneth-9 project.

Bureau of fauxstalgia is a music video work that traces the destruction of the connection between the present and the past. Distortions and cracks, fascinating dreams and fantasies that replace reality can act as guides for various myths into the real world, which is built according to the laws of linear time. But are these laws so indisputable? And what is memory in the infinite space in which we live?

Denis Smirnov, an actor, took part in the music video work. For full immersion, we recommend watching Bureau of fauxstalgia with headphones.

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