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Featuring specially commissioned artworks, a podcast series, and a selection of timely essays, Sreda online magazine offers a nuanced view on culture and contemporaneity. Content is available for a limited period of time and updated every other Wednesday. The Russian word ‘sreda’ means both Wednesday and the natural, geographical, and social environment.

Fedor Telkov
Untitled (Between Worlds series), 2023

Digital Photography

Untitled (Between Worlds series), 2024

Digital Photography

V–A–C Sreda online magazine presents a new three-month programme dedicated to the earth and its variety of meanings, associations and interpretations in culture, art, folklore, and science. In this issue, we present the works of Fyodor Telkov, a documentary photographer and researcher of Ural culture and mythology.

These two photographs from Telkov’s ongoing project dedicated to the North, Between Worlds, were shot in the Polar Urals and in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. In his research, Telkov captures the situation of indigenous peoples on the borderline between traditional and universal (urban) lifestyles.

One of the key objectives of the project is to show how industrialization and the global world penetrate the spaces of the tundra and taiga, what new forms cultural traditions take, and what people take with them when they change their usual place of residence.

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