Sreda Mix: 8ULENTINA

The project DK “Zattere” 19-20 was due to conclude with a live performance by 8ULENTINA, an artist and DJ from Oakland, California. Due to the virus outbreak in Italy in late February 2020, V–A–C Zattere had to cancel the show. In order to comply with Covid-19 regulations, the project Porte Aperte alla Città could not host live music events, so we have decided to share the 8ULENTINA mix recorded for us to celebrate music at a safe distance.

The mix made for V–A–C sounds like nothing you can define briefly. Its electroacoustic forays intertwine with arabic melodies, dystopian electronica and heavy club beats, arranging psychedelic wandering through transhistorical space.

Together with Lara Sarkisian (FOOZOOL), 8ULENTINA co-founded Club Chai, an inclusive collective and club night that welcomes queerness and multiethnicity. Its activist drive is a vital part of its artistic identity.

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