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V-A-C Sreda

Featuring specially commissioned artworks, a podcast series and a selection of timely essays, Sreda magazine offers a nuanced view on Russian culture and contemporaneity. Content is available for a limited period of time and updated every Wednesday. The Russian word ‘sreda’ means Wednesday and also defines the natural, geographical and social environment.

Magic is not Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V with Olga Shvedova and Maxim Korovkin

Inspired by Christmas carols and night-time divinations, this special episode, starring writer and researcher of the occult Olga Shvedova and consultant of magic and esotericism Maxim Korovkin, is dedicated to mysticism, tarot cards, sorcery and rituals. Olga’s telegram channel ‘Fire walks with me’ is about culture, traditions and history of rituals from the Palaeolithic to the Modern age, whereas Maxim’s channel called ‘Karty, kamni, dva koltsa’ (Cards, Stones, Two Rings) focuses on tarotology, astrology archetypes and, interestingly, olfactoric studies. Together with V–A–С curator Andrey Parshikov, they discussed the reactualisation of magic in the media and everyday life.

This episode is in Russian.