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V-A-C Sreda

Featuring specially commissioned artworks, a podcast series and a selection of timely essays, Sreda magazine offers a nuanced view on Russian culture and contemporaneity. Content is available for a limited period of time and updated every Wednesday. The Russian word ‘sreda’ means Wednesday and also defines the natural, geographical and social environment.

Hauntology – the Visionary Fabric of Utopia with Ivan Beletsky

The elusory world of dreams, utopian mirages and visionary pseudohistoric memories. Postromantic longing for a misplaced childhood. Nostalgia for the times that never were. These are the elements of hauntological music, which reproduces and synthesises an audio pattern of the past to create landscapes of a chimerical future. Together with Ivan Beletsky, researcher of nostalgia in music and author of the telegram channel Khot’ odnim glazochkom zaglyanut’ (If Only I Could Have a Peep), we talked about the philosophical genesis of hauntology and the sociocultural role of hauntological music in Russia.

This episode is in Russian.