XXI Century Science with Armen Avanessian, Stefan Helmreich, Luciana Parisi, Laurent de Sutter

The sciences reflect the cultural, political and technological conditions of the times they are developer and cultivated in in many ways. They are world-creating, as they decisively shape our ideas about reality. If the sciences constitute the structures and possibilities of knowledge, they can function as obstacles to it as well.

On the occasion of a new book series copublished by V–A–C Press and Sternberg Press, beginning this fall with volumes on Oceanography and Microbiome, in this episode anthropologist Stefan Helmreich, cultural studies scholar Luciana Parisi, and philosophers Laurent de Sutter and Armen Avanessian consider the challenges posed by the concept of science and knowledge production in the twenty-first century and the possible ways in which established methodologies and critical perspectives might be transformed into a poietic thinking of new sciences and do justice to a new era. This conversation was conducted as part of the Berlin theatre’s “Volksbühne” public program in May 2021.

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