Ceramics: from Decoration to Art

V–A–C Sreda online magazine presents a podcast in collaboration with “The Vaults” Centre for Artistic Production.

In this episode, we talk about ceramics. Why was the twentieth century a turning point in working with clay? How did Eastern culture influence ceramic art in Europe? What does carbon fibre have to do with the production method, and what does oxblood have to do with it?

V–A–C Sreda editor Maxim Shibaev discussed these and other questions with Oksana Lopatina, a researcher and curator of the glass and ceramics collection at The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts; Anton Sidko, a researcher and resident of “The Vaults”; and Natalia Tsygankova, a textile and ceramics expert at “The Vaults” Centre for Artistic Production.

At the end of the episode, listeners will hear a riddle. The first person to find the answer to this riddle will receive an invitation for two to take part in a free masterclass on clay modelling with punches at “The Vaults.” Answers can be submitted in the comments under the announcement of this episode on GES-2 House of Culture social media pages. The results will be announced on September 13th.

Please send your feedback, ideas, or suggestions to: sreda@v-a-c.org.

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