V–A–C Sreda. Visual Vernacular: The Eagle and The Spider

V–A–C Sreda online magazine presents a new issue dedicated to the Deaf community and their representation in culture and art. The material in the issue was prepared in collaboration with the representatives of the community.

In Deaf culture there is such a genre as Visual Vernacular (VV)—a special form of plastic art that combines body language, elements of sign language and common intuitive gestures.

In this video, a fictional story about an eagle and a spider is used to demonstrate VV in its most universal expression. What happens if you take a text that has a completely familiar form and translate it into another dimension? Andrei Dragunov, a deaf performer, was faced with the task of reflecting the contrasting scales of space and perspective, revitalising the landscape and giving characters to the actors, using his own facial expressions and body plasticity.

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